Without our volunteer house league coaches we simply would not be able to run our house leagues.  Thank you for volunteering.  Thank you for making a difference in the lives of our young players.

Support and Resources

We want you to volunteer to coach a house league team and will make sure you get the training and support needed to make your experience an enjoyable one:

  • Pre-season coaching courses with certified OSA instructors
  • Pre-season on-field training with our very own Technical Coaches
  • Age appropriate online training manuals and session breakdown
  • Ongoing access to the Club’s Technical Staff

To volunteer to coach a house league team

  • Check off the ‘I want to volunteer’ box when registering your child
  • Create an online account and check off the ‘I want to Volunteer’ box

Coach Code of Conduct

  • I will show respect for all players, all teams staff, all officials, and all spectators at all times.
  • I will work in cooperation with referees for the benefit of the game.
  • I will remember that players play to have fun and must be encouraged to have confidence in themselves.
  • I will ensure any questions I direct at officials will be constructive in nature.
  • I will ensure that all players receive equal instruction and support.
  • I will provide each player with equal playing time.  This mean all players receive the same amount of ‘bench time’ each game.
  • I will not penalize players for arriving late.  It is not their fault.
  • I will arrive early and be prepared for games and practices.
  • I will teach my players to play fairly and to respect the rules, themselves, referees, opponents, and spectators.
  • I will be selective in the amount of instruction I give players during the game.
  • I will never take part in a practice, game or team event while under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol.
  • I will obtain proper training and upgrade my coaching skills and knowledge of the game, according to the standards of the OSA and/or the Club.
  • I will inform parents/guardians of any injuries their son/daughter may have suffered.
  • I will dress appropriately at all practices/games, so that I present a professional image and can be easily identified.
  • If I am coaching a team of ages U4 to U12, I will do so following a philosophy of development as determined by the club. For older age groups I agree to creatively blend winning with player development.