U7-U8 “Mini Paws” Outdoor


These 13 week programs are specifically geared for boys and girls born in 2012 and 2013. All sessions will be hosted at Rotary Park* (3302 Tacc Drive).

This program aligns with Ontario Soccer’s FUNdamentals program. The sessions will be led by volunteer coaches and supported with Technical Coaches under the leadership of the Recreational Head Coach. At this stage, coaches and teachers should create a stimulating learning environment where the atmosphere is “Freedom and Fun.”

*NEW* In 2020, NMSC is introducting home and away jerseys to the U7-U12 divisions. Each player within these age groups will receive a red and a black jersey. The season schedule that is sent out prior to the start of the season will indicate which jersey is required for which game. Players are responsible for wearing the appropriate jersey each week. It may be beneficial to bring both jerseys just in case! This will help make potential team re-balancing easier.

Program schedule & pricing

* Early bird deadline: march 6th at 11:59 PM
* Dates, times, and location are subject to change based on field availability/registration numbers

* no sessions are held on: tues. june 30, wed. july 1, thurs. july 2, or Sat. aug 1
*Schedules will be available through your PowerUp account on or about May 12th, 2020 *

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program Overview

The physical curriculum emphasizes the ABCs of movement: agility, balance, coordination, and speed, as well as running, jumping, twisting, kicking, throwing and catching. Technical instruction is introduced through movement exercises and games that promote a feel for the ball.

Keeping in mind that small children are naturally egocentric, basic tactical concepts involving basic cooperation between players can be introduced. Playing situations work best for teaching understanding of the game and building basic game intelligence and decision making.


  • Volunteer Coach directed season
  • Technical Staff guided pre-game session
  • 13 week long season
  • Full uniform (shorts, soccer socks, two jerseys)
  • Soccer ball
  • Certified Game Leader for games
  • Team/individual photos on Photo Day (July 13/14)
  • Online schedules
  • Participation award on FUN Day (Aug 22)

interested in volunteer coaching?

NMSC utilizes volunteer coaches for our Recreational soccer programs. Volunteering is a terrific way to get involved in soccer, while at the same time supporting your club and your community.

Please visit our Recreational Coaching page for further instructions.

play together request

NMSC will make every effort to accommodate placement on a team with ONE other registered player if submitted by the March 16th deadline. All teammate requests must be one-to-one reciprocated requests. One-sided requests will not be considered. Should you have special circumstances or medical conditions that merit special consideration, please provide a note in writing once your registration has been completed. NMSC Teammate Request Policy

*NMSC reserves the right to re-balance teams. Moved players must play for their newly assigned teams or be ineligible to play.

New to NMSC?

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Returning players

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Rules and regulations

FUN Day (Sat. Aug 22, 2020)

To celebrate the involvement of our players, the annual NMSC FUN Day (Award Ceremony) is scheduled to take place at Churchill Meadows Park on Saturday, August 22nd, 2020. The times will be in your Family Calendar in PowerUp. Activities planned for the day include fun activities, food services, sponsor demonstrations, and much more! All players will receive a medal to celebrate the season and a free meal. FUN Day is an excellent way to round off the season. It’s always a lively event and sure to be great fun.

Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Players born in 2002 are eligible for our Recreational Adult Leagues!
Men's U23 Thursday League
Women's Sunday League

The addition this season of technical coaches who ran the practices and facilitated game play for the U7 boys was outstanding. The skill development throughout the season was very noticeable and we were extremely impressed with the games and drills that these coaches ran each week. Our son played on Tuesday nights and was fortunate enough to have Coach Damien or Coach Lorenzo each week and we could not have been more impressed. They both learned all of the boy's names quickly, kept practices and games moving at an appropriate pace and ensured that each player was fully involved and having fun. We would love to see the inclusion of technical coaches at the higher age divisions - such an amazing change to the program this year, we cannot say enough positive things about it!

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