It is THAT time of year again where we proudly represent our PANTHER PRIDE by participating in the annual festivities of Streetsville’s Bread & Honey Festival! The Panthers are coming out in a big way on Saturday June 1st, 2019.

We would LOVE for the community to see our PANTHER PRIDE in person by having as many of our players and their families participate in the parade! Such a great opportunity for the kids!!! We had a blast at the Santa Claus parade and are looking to have as much fun this time around as well!
We would like to encourage coaches to bring their teams as a bonding experience and a chance for the kids to march together as a team with pride! 

PARADE: Our club has retained a spot for marchers in the very well attended parade and we want to show the folks of Streetsville/Meadowvale that NMSC is Panther Proud!

We looking to have 30-35 marchers in NMSC gear walking the parade route, with our banner, our jerseys and free giveaways…and we never forget the Panther himself! We can even have some older kids doing ball tricks along the route too…so let us know if that’s YOU!! As well, if you require VOLUNTEER HOURS for school, your participation in the parade can help you achieve those quicker!

The parade starts at 10:00am (staging happens around 8:30-9am) and goes through Streetsville, along Queen St. S, from Ontario St. To Old Station Rd. (approx. 1.3 kms)…so we’re asking for about 2-2.5 hrs of commitment time to show your Panther Pride in the parade! 

BOOTH: Our club will also have a booth in the upper lot (Vic Johnston’s Arena & the pool), where we will be reaching out to our community with tattoos, stickers, giveaways, program information, and some kind of interactive involvement for the kids. This is our time to create a presence in the community and to show them that NMSC is here in a big way! We will have our booth from 10am-6pm on Saturday and we could use your help to assist in reaching as many people as possible through this booth. Wearing NMSC gear and having fun (and being informed) is what we’re looking for, so if you require VOLUNTEER HOURS for school then this a great way to achieve those!

If you, your child, your family or team is interested in participating in either and/or both events on Saturday June 1st, please email Shandelle Randall, NMSC Board of Director At Large or 416-669-8303…no later than FRIDAY MAY 24th