Skill is executing great ideas. The rest is just technique.


The primary objective of creating the Centre Of Excellence (COE) is to provide technical training and help players to develop the individual fundamental soccer skills, utilizing the ball and the game in a fun environment; while assisting the coaches to complement the overall training program for their teams at the same time. The target groups are the Representative and All Star Players between the ages of 7-12 years old, and the respective team coaches.

The program is designed and coordinated under the direction of the Technical staff and is executed by the senior mentor coaches of the club. The club provides the curriculum, structure of the program and content of the sessions, based on its philosophy of player development.

COE presents a compilation of what NMSC considers to be an appropriate, comprehensive, responsible and enjoyable approach to developing skillful soccer players to feed our representative teams and the mechanism to aspire a play at the highest level possible.

The COE and the NMSC Curriculum Based on NMSC’s curriculum at the age group COE will develop the Player Individual Principles. COE program is designed to give players at the youth level a basic set of training sessions that can help open up the game of soccer in ways that celebrate the spontaneous qualities of soccer.

Skillful soccer players are those who, individually or together, exhibit the predominant use of the technical and tactical cleverness and composure in their play. Consequently, their play demonstrates precision and accuracy in its execution.

Learning to train U8-U11 “The Golden Age of Learning”

  • The effect of the role-model is very important at this age.
  • Skills demonstration is very important and players learn best by doing.
  • Players have a high stimulation level during basic skills training.
  • Important time to teach the principles of play.
  • Repetitions are important to develop technical excellence.
  • Creating a fun and challenging environment is essential.

The Areas of Development

Physical: Motor Development/Physical Condition: Agility, balance, coordination and speed. This is an optimal window for trainability of speed, flexibility and skills.

Technical: Building a greater repertoire of soccer related movements, technical skills are developed in training the context of basic soccer games.

Tactical: Play and Creativity: Encourage decision making: Free play- Guided Play.

Mental: Motivation, imagination, creativity, demands, discipline.

The Themes: Based on the Player individual Principles.

  • Module One: Individual ball control and Dribbling Technique.
  • Module Two: Receiving the ball.
  • Module Three: Passing, Receiving, Support.
  • Module Four: Finishing.
  • Module Four: Attacking.
  • Module Five: Defending.
COE was my favourite place to try new moves and tricks, coach Joe was a lot of fun.Suzy P., Girls U11
Little Timmy always came home with a smile after COE because he loves training with all of the rep kids in his age group.Parent
The Centre of Excellence sessions have been outstanding and have contributed greatly to the development of fundamental soccer skills in my young players. As a coach, I have also furthered my knowledge by attending these sessions and monitoring the Technical Staff and Mentor Coaches with my team. An absolutely invaluable program that my team is committed to.Dean Spokes, Head Coach of BU98A
From my involvement with the COE program one of the first things I realized was the passion of the coachesa and instructors involved. Regardless, if there were 8 young players or 18, the coaches always seemed to create and maintain a working environment that can only inspire young players to learn and improve their skills. The COE program essentially creates an environment that has become non-existent in our communities; that “Street Soccer” Culture of yesterday is thankfully being replaced by such programs as the Centre of Excellence.Jason Bent TFC Academy U18 Head Coach, Former Canadian International Player
I am involved as one of the mentor coaches in the COE program, and I have enjoyed it immensely. Not only was it a great learning tool for my team, but I learned a lot about the relationship between coaches and players. I have developed many good relationships with the parents of these children that are ongoing and prosperous to this day. I recommend that all players in our club attend all of the COE sessions because they are well coached, and a joy for players and coaches alike!Rick Titus, Former Professional Soccer Player and Coach of the BU98A
I am Ethan’s and Ashley’s dad from the boys U8 and girls U8. I just wanted to say how I am very impressed with how you work with the kids. They seem to listen and want to learn all aspects of the game when they are with you in COE. I wish they could listen to me. Oh well, that is another story, keep up the good work the kids love it and live it!!!David, Parent
Hi John, first of all I would like to complement the club on this wonderful COE program you are running during the year, I appreciate the good and hard work done by the coaches in this program, I can see the good results in my son Yasser, when he joined this program last summer Yasser improved big time, he learned the players position and the game tactics and also the players discipline. Good job!Parent
My 8-year-old son and 7-year-old daughter have been involved for 2 years and 1 year respectively with the COE (managed by Jhon Ardila) at NMSC. They both enjoy the COE program very much and have learned many useful skills that translate to the game situation. Mentor Coaches are very knowledgeable and motivated. The children come home satisfied that their time is enjoyable and well spent! Now….if we can get an indoor facility with turf for North Miss and Mr. Ivanov and Mr. Ardilla’s technical team, our rep programs would benefit greatly!!! John Lonardi