Panther Development Program

In 2018, the Outdoor PDP program will be offered at a nominal cost of $50 to all registered House League Players and goalkeepers (U7+) in the relevant age groups indicated below. There will be 8 PDP sessions during the outdoor season.

All sessions are on Sundays at  Totoredaca Park (Panther Park). The address is 2715 Meadowvale Boulevard. We look forward to seeing you there!

General Info

The North Mississauga Soccer Club’s Curriculum includes the Panther
Development Program for House League players, goalkeepers (U7+) and coaches ages 4 to 18.

This program provides players, goalkeepers and coaches of all house league teams with an excellent opportunity to develop and test their soccer skills. It also helps our Mentor Coaches to identify players and coaching talent that will form the future of the Club’s representative teams. The PDP takes place during the Club’s outdoor season with winter academy continuation.

Based on NMSC’s curriculum at the age group PDP will develop the Player Individual Principles. PDP is designed to give players at the youth level a basic set of training sessions that can help open up the game of soccer in ways that celebrate the spontaneous qualities of soccer.

The objective of creating the Panther Development Program is to provide technical training and help players to develop the individual fundamental soccer skills, utilizing ball and the game in a fun environment; while assisting coaches to complement the overall training program of these teams.

The target groups are the Players between the ages of 4-13 years old, and their respective coaches. This program is coordinated under the direction of the Technical staff and is executed by the senior mentor coaches of the club.
The club provides the curriculum, structure of the program and content of the sessions, based on its philosophy of player development.

Areas of Development


Motor Development/Physical Condition. Agility, balance, coordination and speed. This is an optimal window for trainability of speed, flexibility and skills.


Building a greater repertory of soccer related movements, technical skills are developed in training the context of basic soccer games.


Play and Creativity. Encourage decision making: Free play and guided play.

PDP will promote: Imagination, Creativity, Composure, Discipline, Motivation and Confidence.

PDP will help develop techniques and skill while allowing children to play without the fear of losing. PDP program will energize players to the point where they will enthusiastically initiate wanting to play soccer. This will take place in a fun-filled environment where the well-being of the child is of paramount importance at all times.