The Positional Team Training Program is the most advanced area of the NMSC Player Development Curriculum. This program is targeted for our Competitive Players from age 13 and focuses on positional development, advanced techniques, skill/decision making, and offensive and defensive group tactics. The program begins in October and continues over the winter months and leads into pre-season training and in-season programs that will work hand in hand with regular team practices and league games. Individual Rep teams are trained as a comprehensive unit on the various tactical aspects of the game. The program is designed and executed by the Technical Staff; Senior Mentor coaches are utilized to complement the technical staff in the training sessions. The Coaching Staff of the respective teams are active participants during all training sessions.

The components of the program are as follows:

Module 1

  • Defending and Pressing: The pressure on the ball.
  • Marking and Cover: The near support.

Module 2

  • Attacking: Positive play to penetrate and score – coaching man on the ball.
  • Support: receiving/1st touch/options, dribbling, shooting – coaching near support.

Module 3

  • Defending in groups: Group play to close space, outnumber and prevent the opponent from scoring a goal.
  • Pressure and Cover: Pressure, Cover, and Balance.

Module 4

  • Attacking in groups: Combined play to create space, penetrate and score a goal; wall passes and set-up.

The Curriculum is Part of the Style of Play at NMSC

The way we attack and defend as a team will be coached in this program; team shape are keyed in and walkthrough to ensure a practical understanding is obtained. This style will be coached in the scrimmages/last half an hour through coaching information applicable in the different thirds of the field.

Structure of the Positional Training Session

  • A combination of running with and off the ball, general and specific for the defenders/attackers.
  • Coaching the topic in small sided games.
  • Coaching the style of play and the topic in different 3rds/indoor – halves of the field.

Coaching Organizational Guidelines

  • Technical Coach introduces the drill/coaching point.
  • Technical Staff is coaching it in the drill/the games.
  • Team Head Coach helps in organization and coaches the players at the sidelines.

A player personal profile will be introduced. The goal is making the players aware of the model-the highest level of play at that age. Assessing one own present performance level. Where am I? Where should I be?

Knowing the path through our coaching how to get there.

Taking ownership in one’s own performance through effort, self-evaluation, coaching evaluation; will result in an increase in motivation, self-confidence and overall personal satisfaction.