Soccer is a year-round activity at NMSC. We encourage our players to stay active throughout the Fall & Winter seasons. What better way than the Indoor Competitive Program!

The indoor competitive program represents an opportunity for players to take their game to the next level in a more competitive atmosphere. Training is multiple times per week, with a combination of turf, futsal, and fitness. Commitment is key!

2019-2020 Indoor Competitive program details for players U8-U18 is below.  The indoor competitive program will extend from November 2019 until April 2020 (the training schedule is TBD). The cost does not include a uniform kit.

  • U8 (2012): 1 turf session, 1 gym/futsal per week, $500
  • U9-U12 (2008-2011): 2 turf sessions, 1 gym/futsal per week, $800
  • U13-U17 (2003-2007): 1 turf session, 1 gym/futsal, 1 fitness per week, $1000
  • U18 (2002): 1 turf session, 1 gym/futsal, $400
  • OPDL U13-U17 (2003-2007): 2 turf sessions, 1 gym/futsal, 1 fitness per week

All program registrations are completed here. Players must confirm with the coach before completing registration.

If you have any questions please contact the High Performance Programs Coordinator, Ryan Flammini,