The Ontario Provincial Development League (OPDL) is the primary source in which potential Provincial Team Players are noticed.

The North Mississauga Soccer Club is pleased to announce that 14 of our OPDL players have been chosen to participate in the 2017 Ontario Soccer Provincial Screenings in November!

NMSC would like to congratulate the following players:

GU13 ODPL: Erin Cheng, Nia Fleming-Thompson

BU13 OPDL: Andrew Delorenzi

GU14 OPDL: Brianna Williams, Darci Faichnie, Ella Chase, Isabella Radovini, Jasmine Broderick-Bobadill, Leah de Rushe-Mohamed, Mary Coughlan

BU14 OPDL: Jordain Dennis, Stejan Pejic, Tyrese Phillips


GU14 OPDL Player: Ella Chase (Photo Courtesy of David Radovini, 360° Sports Media)

The provincial screening sessions will run throughout the month of November:

  • GU13 Provincial Screening: November 18
  • BU13 Provincial Screening: November 25
  • GU14 Provincial Screening: November 19
  • BU14 Provincial Screening: November 26

Best of luck to each of these OPDL players! The skills they have demonstrated during the 2017 OPDL season have been recognized by Ontario Soccer. The club is very proud of your accomplishments!