Thank you to everyone that attended the INARIA uniform fittings for competitive and OPDL teams on October 19th and 30th.

INARIA Online Store:

Here are the answers to most of the frequently asked questions (FAQs):

  • What is the cost of the INARIA uniform package for competitive/OPDL players? 
    Available on the INARIA site HERE once you select the Player/Goalkeeper Package and go to checkout. Please read above the packages regarding notice of difference in taxes for Youth vs. Adult sizes, as well as several other important reminders.  PLEASE NOTE: the fee for INARIA uniforms is separate from club registration fees.
  • What does the INARIA uniform package include? 
    The Player/Goalkeeper Packages are on the Inaria Store website HERE. Please do not order all items individually as this will effect the total cost. Extra items not included in the package can be selected individually. 
  • When is the deadline to order uniforms?
    In order to get the uniforms in by January, the order must be submitted in October.
  • When will the uniforms be shipped? 
    Throughout the month of January and February directly to the player’s home (delivery date depends on when the order is placed).
  • Are hoodies + tracksuits numbered? 
    Tracksuits are numbered as per the diagram online. Hoodies do not come numbered if individually ordered but players can request any embellishments at additional cost as per service provider. 
  • Can last names be printed on jerseys?
    Separate offline email from INARIA will be sent to all teams regarding names on jerseys and costs. It’s up to teams whether they want to pay INARIA for the service or go to a third party service provider (ie. Golazo/Absolute, AC Soccer, etc.).
  • Can sponsor logos be printed on jerseys?
    Yes, teams have the option to print sponsor logos through INARIA or via a third-party service provider. More info will be provided closer to the delivery date.
  • How do we order uniforms for coaches?
    Each competitive team will receive [2] coach packages included. INARIA will be sending a separate link for this. More info will be provided.
  • Is there an alternative uniform fitting date for players/teams that did not attend on Saturday, October 19th?
    Uniform Fitting Date #2 is on Wednesday, October 30th (5-9pm) at the NMSC Clubhouse. Free shipping will be offered to those on the day of. Please keep in mind the goal is to complete the majority of orders in October so they are delivered by January 2020.
  • Additional Questions? Please contact INARIA customer care via . If you have any other questions/concerns please contact the NMSC Clubhouse.