• What is the cost of the INARIA uniform package for Competitive/OPDL players? 
    Package costs are on the INARIA Online Store. Please select the correct for Player or Goalkeeper Package for your age group and click Add bundle to cart.
  • PLEASE NOTE: the cost for INARIA uniforms is separate from the club registration and team fees.
  • What does the INARIA Uniform Package include? 
    The Player/Goalkeeper Packages are displayed on the INARIA Online Store. Extra items not included in the package can be selected/purchased individually.
  • Where are the uniforms shipped? 
    Uniforms are shipped directly to the customer’s home address.
  • How do players determine their Jersey Number and Team Division? Please confirm your jersey number and team division with the Coach/Manager before ordering.
  • Can Last Names be printed on jerseys?
    Yes, teams have the option to print last names through INARIA or a third-party service provider.
  • Can Sponsor Logos be printed on jerseys?
    Yes, teams have the option to print sponsor logos through INARIA or a third-party service provider.
  • Are Tracksuits & Hoodies numbered? Tracksuits are numbered as per the diagram online. Hoodies do not come numbered if individually ordered. Players can request embellishments at an additional cost as per service provider. 
  • How do we order uniforms for Coaches?
    Each competitive team will receive [2] coach packages included. More info will be provided by the club.