The bulk of the work for the Recreational League Convenor is done during the pre-season (February-May), leading up to the first two weeks of the outdoor season. The convener is only needed for the outdoor season, which kicks off on Victoria Day. The help is greatly appreciated!

Job Responsibilities

On-line duties include

  • Acquiring and assigning coaches/co-coaches to teams (possibly soliciting parents/volunteers for coaching on teams still in need)
  • Assigning/fairly balancing players to teams (based on variables such as “play together” requests, rankings, medical info, age distribution, etc.)
  • Ongoing checking of online system to place ‘late registrants onto teams

Ongoing duties include

  • Act as the liaison between your gender/age group and club re: club communication, field visits, within the first week or two of the season to show face/presence
  • In August, ensuring coaches submit/enter season-end player rankings (if applicable for age group).

Events needing your attendance and/or participation

  • Pre-Season HL Convenors Meeting: Mid February
  • HL Coach Meeting – Team Formation and Equipment/Uniform Pick up: First weekend in May
  • Completing team packages in advance of the HL Coach Meeting: Late April
  • HL Photo Weekend: Weekend after Father’s Day (June)
  • HL Fun Day Weekend: End of August
  • HL Convenor Wrap-Up Meeting: Mid October

To apply for this job email your details to