Of all the aspects of the North Mississauga Soccer Club, among the important are the club’s more than 275 coaches. 

Many online reviews the club gets praise the coaching staff, and this kind of respect is hard earned, both on the part of the coaches and the staff who support them. But good coaching comes from good motivation and is helped by good programs. 

In both the recreational and the competitive programs, the quality of the coaches and the philosophy they coach under is one of North Mississauga’s best features. They show how good coaching, good programs and good messages can really help bring good in the lives of children of all skills levels. 

Representative of the coaches are Carlton Leung. He came from Hong Kong and now coaches the U8 boys and girls competitive pools in what is his first year at the club. He had also coached children under 10 for three years before that, and he has a daughter and son playing in North Mississauga. 

“I first came to Canada in 1995 or ’96,” said Leung. “I played recreationally … after my years of playing I started to coach younger kids, but it started with my own passion to play.” 

Leung is one among many coaches who espouses the values held by the North Mississauga Soccer Club of inclusion, intentional skill development, family balance and promoting lifelong enjoyment of sport. 

He finds this philosophy refreshing. Leung said that his daughter was more into art than athletics, and that it’s her choice to not be as competitive when it comes to the game. But for those who are more competitive, like his u8 teams, he said the boys and girls that he coaches often mature greatly within the time he coaches them. 

“I want to be sure that they’re having fun and learning,” said Leung. “I’ve seen in the three or four months I’ve been with them that they love the game more.” 

But on top of the philosophy are also the resources. Leung said that the club has done an excellent job at supporting the coaches, whether it is with game-day materials, training or other support. 

“The coaches here spend the time with me to get better,” said Leung. “I want the kids to get better and I also want to get better as a coach.” 

If anyone hopes to coach in either the competitive, recreational or development programs at the North Mississauga Soccer Club, we have started a Coach Apprenticeship Program, Female Coach Mentor Program, and more. Contact Chris (ckeem@nmsc.net) to be apply for the Apprenticeship Program, and Jhon (jardila@nmsc.net) to see how to become certified as a coach at the club. We do offer many coaching courses as well at the club, go to: www.nmsc.net/coach-courses/ or call the club at 905-858-1227.