North Mississauga SC has created a unique program focused on encouraging young soccer players to “Fall in Love”with the Ball….in the comfort of their own HOME.

Casa De Futbol emphasizes two things:

  • The importance of getting children comfortable with having the ball at their feet as soon as possible.
  • The pivotal role that parents play in early childhood development.

Designed specifically for young children ages U3 to U6, their parents, and the Mississauga community; Casa De Futbol aims to introduce a ball – a small ball (Size 3) – inside the home, because the home is a very safe and protective environment, away from pressure.

The program encourages and guides parents to engage positively with their young child, inside the home, or out in the yard, a little bit each day (20 minutes) by utilizing the ball mastery skills that are made available on the NMSC Skills Video Library.

Young children can develop their fundamental “ball mastery” skills in the comfort of their own home, which will help develop balance, coordination, agility and a sense of achievement in a fun and motivating way.

For more info please check out the Casa De Futbol page here