The North Mississauga Soccer Club is a diverse Soccer Organization. We pride ourselves in our diversity and inclusiveness and respect for all individuals. 

The current events in our society, of Racial Injustice, Discrimination, Violence and Systematic Racism have created a need for everyone to stand in solidarity and work together to eliminate this growing threat. 

The North Mississauga Soccer Club will endeavour to do our part and not to stay silent during this time. We will encourage our partners, our Employees, our Coaches, our Managers, our Players and our members to speak up and become engaged in the fight against Racism and Racial Injustice. 

We commit to ensure ALL our employees, Coaches, Managers, players and Members stand in solidarity against Racism and Racial Injustice. 

We have a voice as a club and an Organization and we must plant the seeds of change for a better future for everyone regardless of Color, Race or Creed or Sexual Orientation.  

For those who have been victims of Racial Discrimination and Injustice, WE STAND WITH YOU. 


Your NMSC Board of Directors, Employees, and our NMSC Family