NMSC and INARIA sign multi-year deal

Mississauga, ON. (August 29, 2019) – North Mississauga Soccer Club’s Business Operations Manager today announced that the club entered into a five-year deal with INARIA as the official apparel partner. The club will wear custom kits made by INARIA, a leading designer and manufacturer of soccer equipment and apparel.

“This is an exciting one,” said INARIA Managing Partner Saverio Michielli. “North Mississauga is one of the most prestigious clubs in the country. We look forward to outfitting their membership and players, and building a meaningful partnership on and off the field.”

“INARIA is one of the biggest names in Canada and with this deal in place, we’ve been able to solidify our position in League1 Ontario, providing a partner that believes in creating amazing designs and quality products.” CHRISTOPHER KEEM, Business Operations Manager says. “Moving to an online model of order fulfillment will push North Mississauga Soccer’s efficiencies even further – and we look forward to utilizing the capacity we had spent on uniform ordering to improve how we handle the technical operational development of our programs, players and coaching staff.”

The Partnership roll-out has been staggered, beginning with League1 Ontario 2018-2024, Recreational Programs 2019-2024, and OPDL/Competitive rolling out from 2020-2024.

Founded in ‘99 in Toronto, INARIA is a boutique soccer brand specializing in truly custom kits, team apparel and in-house embellishment services. In Italian, INARIA translates to “inside the 18 yard box,” but in the world of soccer, INARIA means unmatched customization and bespoke kits. The company’s sole objective is to help you create a look that is as unique as you and offer best-in-class resources to help you get there.

About NMSC
With over 3,500 players registered annually, North Mississauga Soccer Club is dedicated to the development of well-balanced, successful players at both the recreational and competitive levels. The Club values Inclusiveness, Intentional Skill Development of players, coaches, administration, match officials and volunteers, Family-Balance, and Life-Long Enjoyment of Sport. This is done through tactical, technical, physical, and psycho-social elements of program design in soccer.