The North Mississauga Soccer Club is pleased to announce that players from both our Girls and Boys 2003 OPDL teams have been chosen to participate in the OPDL Provincial Screening Event.

The event will take place at the Hanger Outdoor Dome (Saturday, November 26th for the boys.

NMSC Girls 2003 OPDL Player Invitees

  • Isabella Radovini
  • Nia Fleming-Thompson
  • Leah de Rushe-Mohamed
  • Ryanne Hawthorn-Harper
  • Jasmine Broderick-Bobadilla
  • Sarah Mascarenhas

NMSC Boys 2003 OPDL Player Invitees

  • Quintin Benn-John
  • Joseph Chung
  • Jordain Dennis


OPDL Scouting and Identification Process (Information courtesy of the OSA website)

During the OPDL season, the OSA Technical Staff has been observing the players when they have been competing within their Inter league matches and use the following parameters:

•Technical ability
•Tactical ability
•Physical literacy

Each one of these components is further broken down into detailed Skill Habits such as: vision and awareness, passing and receiving, creating space amongst others.

All data collected by OPDL is tracked and stored along with their quarterly rubrics. At the end of each OPDL season, the database is used to assist the selection of approximately 90 to 120 players to attend the Provincial Screening Competition in November.

At the Provincial Screening, players will then have an opportunity to compete against one another and be further screened and shortlisted. Approximately 40 players within the Under 14 and Under 15 teams will be selected from the original group.

The NMSC congratulates all of our players on their selection and wish them the best of luck on November 19th & November 26th.

We would also like to take the opportunity and give a shout to their coaches, whom with their knowledge and devotion have helped these athletes to excel in their game!

Go get it, PANTHERS!

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