The Ontario Women’s Soccer League (OWSL) is the highest womens soccer league in the province of Ontario and is affiliated with the Ontario Soccer Association, Canadian Soccer Association, and FIFA, the world governing body of soccer. From it’s humble beginnings in 1975 it has grown to be the major body of women’s soccer in the Province of Ontario.

Our mandate as a league, is also to make it fun, and instill in women players a lifelong passion for the sport of soccer which will help the players be active for life. The OWSL supports the FIFA mandate of ‘fair play’.

For more info on the OWSL, please visit their website: https://owsl.e2esoccer.comThe North Mississauga Soccer Club has several teams playing within the OWSL.

Coach Danny DaSilva & Jay Chalons’ teams have been in the OWSL for the past few years. They represent the Woman’s Open age group. Please contact the team manager Jay Chalons for more info: