North Mississauga Soccer Club (NMSC) is pleased to outline the “Return to Play” (RTP) phases that were announced by Ontario Soccer on June 11, 2020. Ontario Soccer provided its RTP guide to establish the baseline for sanctioned Soccer Clubs and Academies across the Province. The document acknowledges that each Club/District is uniquely situated and subject to other Municipal and Provincial guidelines based on the COVID-19 measures in place.

This RTP document was created by NMSC staff and approved by its Board of Directors. The document outlines how NMSC will roll out its summer programming in alignment with the governing body guidelines.

The health and safety of NMSC members, staff, and volunteers is the only priority, and the Club will update its processes regularly, as required.


NMSC will follow the directives from Ontario Soccer that determine timelines for each Phase. The timing of each Phase is in alignment with the Province of Ontario health authorities involving government orders, restrictions, and guidelines.

Phase 1 – Return to Train   Commencing the week of July 13, 2020, per the City of Mississauga Recreation Department. Modified Training
Conditions: All Phase 1 Return to Train conditions are met  

Restrictions: No contact, no league, exhibition, festival, or tournament games.  
Phase 2 – Return to Play
Commencing the week of August 10, 2020.
Return to Training and Modified Games

Conditions: All Phase 2 Return to Train conditions are met. Inter-squad and Intra-squad modified games permitted (only within the Club/Academy)  

Restrictions: No league, exhibition, festival or tournament games  
Phase 3 – Return to Competition Return to Soccer (Regular competition, games, and training)  

Conditions: Social distancing restrictions have been lifted

Restrictions: None  

Club Fees & Registration Conditions/Process

Club fees have been set and are specific to each Return to Play phase. This means, you will be required to register and pay separately, for each phase. We recognize this is an irregular approach to registering for the outdoor season, but we are still dealing with unknowns, and the timing of each phase is impossible to predict.

The Club has scheduled Phase 2 to last approximately 7-weeks. All members must meet the following registration conditions:

  1. All returning members must register, pay, and sign the waiver via Power Up to participate in Phase 2.
  2. Players that elected not to join Phase 1 are invited to join Phase 2.
  3. Families may use any existing credits in the Power Up Sports account to offset the cost of their registration fee.
  4. Payment must be received in full by the registration deadline.
  5. Families with payment arrears must clear the balance or make an appropriate payment arrangement with the Business Manager, prior to returning to play.
  6. Completion and digital signature of the updated Ontario Soccer waiver.
  7. Players must complete a Self-Assessment & Symptom checklist before each session with a link to be provided by the Club.
  8. Due to the significant preparations required, late registrations will not be accepted from returning players.
  9. Coaches accepting new players into the program will need to contact the Technical Director.

Registration Methods & Deadlines

Registration Open:
Friday, July 31, 2020
Registration Deadline:
Sunday, August 9, 2020
Payment Deadline:
At time of registration, no later than August 9, 2020
Members must register using:
Payment Accepted:  
Visa, Mastercard, Visa Debit, E-transfer*
E-transfer payments sent to:
clubpayment@nmsc.net and will be auto-deposited

Registration Fee (Phase 2) – Development & Competitive

Phase 2 is scheduled for seven (7) weeks commencing the week of August 10, 2020. A combined total of 14 training sessions and 4 Intra-Squad competition is scheduled during this 7-week period.  

Fees include:

  • Coaching Staff  
  • U13 – U18 = Two (2) 90-minute training sessions per week 
  • U8 – U12 = Two (2) 60-minute training sessions per week 
  • Four (4) Intra-Squad Competitions (Saturdays) 
  • PPE, supplies and administrative fees  
  • Refill of 250ml spray disinfectant bottle to keep and use for each player 
U8 ( 2012)
$325 ($18.05 per session)
U9-U12 (2008-2011)
$340 ($18.88 per session)
U13-U18 (2002-2007)
$350 ($19.44 per session)

Refund Policy

Families are invited to register for each phase individually. Once your athlete has been registered and paid, no refunds will be issued, under any circumstance.

Please be advised that in the event a session is canceled entirely or shortened due to inclement weather and/or City field closures, participants will not be entitled to any pro-rated refunds or credits.

Training Dates & Times – Phase 2

Registration numbers will dictate the number of groups and start times, in order to adhere to government restrictions. A comprehensive schedule for each age group, broken down into groups, will be published closer to the start date.


Phase 2 Protocols

Phase 2 Protocols will continue and include:

  • Daily Player Screening 
  • Masks – to and from the field 
  • Dedicated arrival / departures times 
  • Attendance and Contact Tracing 
  • No access to change rooms 
  • No injured players at training 
  • No parent congregations at field 
  • Physical distance (off field) 
  • Adjusted lightning / inclement weather policy 

Entry & Exit Controls

In an effort to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, and in conjunction with Ontario Soccer’s Return to Play guidelines, the Club will observe the following protocols:

  1. Absolutely no spectators (parents, siblings, family members) will be permitted to remain at the side of the field before, during, or after training. Parents are encouraged to drop off and pick up their child and stay in their cars during the session.
  2. Each field has designated “Entry” and “Exit” protocols and will be marked by signage.
  3. Regardless of your mode of transportation (walking, car, transit, etc), all players must first report to your designated Entry point before proceeding to the field.
  4. Club staff will greet players on arrival (wearing a bright yellow polo shirt) and the following protocols will be followed:
    • Players are required to line up, respecting the physical distance (2 metres), and wait until called upon.
    • Each individual will sanitize their hands.
    • Player registration will be confirmed and marked as attended.
    • Players must complete a Self-Assessment & Symptoms Checklist before each session with a link provided by the Club
    • Players are requested to follow all on-site signage.

Symptoms Checklist for Staff/Coaches/Participants

Contact Tracing & Attendance

The Club “Entry Coordinators” will facilitate the recording and digital storage of the entry and exit time for all players/staff/coaches and will include the following information: Name, Address, Email, Phone & Entry times. This information will be stored and used to contact all individuals in the event our Emergency Response Plan is activated (i.e. Confirmation of a positive test within the membership).

General Hygiene Protocol – Players

  • Wash hands with hand sanitizer immediately before leaving home and after soccer activities and during scheduled breaks.
  • Do not spit at any time.
  • Clearly label your own water bottle. Do not share bottles. Keep all items in the players personal bag.
  • Any individual equipment used should be taken home and washed separately from others in the household (i.e. uniform).
  • Carry hand sanitizer in order to enable good personal hygiene.
  • Cover mouth and nose with a tissue or your elbow (not your hands) when you cough or sneeze.
  • Avoid the use of public toilets, however if necessary, ensure hands are washed thoroughly.
  • Avoid touching eyes, nose or mouth.
  • Shower at home before and after training.

Equipment Safety & Cleansing – Players

  • Bring a personally marked water bottle(s) to any soccer activity and avoid touching or using public water fountains.
  • Each player must bring their own appropriately sized soccer ball to training.
  • Cleaning of equipment and physical distancing should be practiced and conform to recommendations from the Province of Ontario health authorities.
  • Disinfect all equipment after soccer activities before storing at home.
  • The coach will communicate the jersey colour to wear in advance of each session.
  • An alternative can be the use of two different shirts (dark and light).
  • Thoroughly wash or wipe down your personal equipment, towels, clothes, bags, water bottles, and other items you have used or touched immediately after use.
  • Wash hands thoroughly in warm soapy water for at least 20 seconds or use of alcohol- based hand sanitizer if water and soap are not immediately available.

Personal Equipment Safety & Cleansing

  • Do not share equipment – this includes shin guards, shirts, socks etc. Ensure all discarded materials (tissues, wipes, sock tape etc.) are placed into an approved garbage receptacle.
  • Avoid touching gates, fences, benches, etc. Option to wear gloves; latex (or similar) gloves– discard after one game, or purchase gloves that can be washed.
  • Consider wearing a mask or a face shield when attending activities when social distancing cannot be maintained. Avoid touching the mask while using it and clean your hands if you do.
  • Before putting on a mask, clean your hands with soap and water or alcohol- based hand sanitizer. Remove it from behind, discard immediately into a closed bin and then clean your hands with soap and water or alcohol-based hand sanitizer.
  • Cover your mouth and nose with the mask and make sure there are no gaps between your face and the mask.
  • Replace the mask with a new one as soon as it is damp and don’t reuse single-use masks.

Emergency Response Plan

The main body of this COVID-19 Emergency Response Plan is organized in three sections, which outline the key roles and responsibilities of North Mississauga Soccer Club in each of the three (3) pandemic phases:

  1. Prepandemic Phase: This is the critical stage for COVID-19 pandemic preparedness. The pre‐pandemic phase is NOW, and planning efforts need to focus on Club/Academy education of the membership (i.e., volunteers, staff, coaches, parents, players, match officials) on Ontario Soccer and Canada Soccer’s Return to Play Plan and Protocols. Please note that the Return to Play Protocols comply with the Province of Ontario emergency orders and health authority directives. In addition, coordination with facilities (especially if third-party) should be included as they may have additional plans & procedures in place.
  2. Positive Test Phase: Confirmation of a COVID-19 positive test within the NMSC membership will declare when it is time to activate your COVID-19 Action Plan. During this phase, the key goals will be to prevent further infections within the organization and minimize program disruption. This phase remains active until the infected party has been isolated and under the control of professional health authorities and there is no further threat to the health and safety of your soccer organization’s participants.
  3. Postpandemic Phase: The post‐pandemic period begins when the Provincial Health Officer declares that the COVID-19 pandemic is over. The primary focus of work at this time is to restore normal services, deactivate pandemic response activities, review the impact, and use the lessons learned to guide future emergency response planning.

In the event a member of the club, staff or coaching staff receives a positive test confirmation of COVID-19, the Club will refer to its contact tracing log and will initiate the Emergency Response Plan (ERP). The Club has setup a dedicated link for members to report any confirmed diagnoses of COVID-19 and members are requested to report this diagnosis without delay.