During the last four months I had the pleasure of watching all of our teams/pools training and playing within our age related technical programs. The learning environment, the camaraderie between coaches and players, the excitement, the energy and the fun that resonated around the NMSC programs was fantastic and heart-warming. What a great place to develop! It also confirms that the future of our great Club is safe with so many talented young players coming through our ranks and being trained by talented and committed coaches, all this with the support of the NMSC.

None of this would be possible without the volunteers, BODs, Mentor and Head Coaches, Team/Pool staff and team officials, who give up their time to support soccer at the North Mississauga Soccer Club. On behalf of ALL of the players, I would like to thank you “One and All” for everything you do behind the scenes so that they can enjoy the beautiful game: soccer.

Coaches and Mentor Coaches:


  •          For coaching and mentoring our players – Thank you!
  •          For organizing friendlies and driving to the match days and tournaments – Thank you!
  •          For putting out the nets, pumping the balls, setting out the cones and equipment bags – Thank you!
  •          For bringing it all back in again afterwards along with the mountain of lost property – Thank you!
  •          For taking courses and constantly upgrading and educating yourself in soccer – Thank you!
  •          For dealing with class and tolerance with that “outsider former professional” who knows everything about the game-Thank you!
  •          For being here at NMSC- Thank you!





  •          For supporting your sons and daughters so that they can play soccer at NMSC – Thank you!
  •          For all the fundraisers to help raise “millions” or collect money for many things – Thank you!
  •          For running the raffle draw – Thank you!
  •          For being quiet at the games and not coaching from the sidelines-Thank you!
  •          For believing in our club, in our development programs for players and coaches-Thank you!




Board Members:

·         For giving up your time to set guidelines and provide leadership that ensure that the Club runs smoothly – Thank you


The NMSC staff:


  • For organising the House League, NMSC camps, programs, and fun days – Thank you!
  • For taking your turn on the gate, park, school at any NMSC event – Thank you!
  • For giving up your time to ensure the Club runs smoothly – Thank you!
  • For collecting the membership and registering the players, coaches, team officials – Thank you!
  • For running the Club Shop so we can all wear our NMSC badge, in almost everything – Thank you!



  •  Our sponsors do so much for NMSC and their financial support ensures we can continue to offer community based soccer to the city of Mississauga – thank you!


Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New year! May it bring you joy, happiness and bring you closer to all those that you treasure in your heart.


For making NMSC a great Club and a very special place – Thank you!


With respect,

Jhon Ardila

Technical Head Coach