The North Mississauga S.C. Panthers G2000A OYSL squad kicked off 2016 with a championship performance at the Players Paradise New Years Kickoff Classic U17/U18 tournament January 3rd, 2016.  Facing strong U17 and U18 squads from across the region, the veteran Mississauga team rolled off a much deserved two week Holiday break into a five game marathon that tested both their physical and mental stamina.

 "These one day tournaments can be a real proving ground" said Head Coach Emilio Bernaudo "they are relatively short games with no break so you need to start quick and have a solid formation heading into each match.  There is really no time for mistakes". 

 "I’m proud of our athletes performance and looking forward to creating great momentum from this winter training season victory.  Special thanks go out to the technical staff at North Mississauga, the trainers at Athlete’s Zone and the coaches at Huff Boxing & Fitness in Mississauga as well as all of the team’s generous sponsors." 

The U16 Squad finished the tournament with a 4-1 record.