2016 Week of Silence

August 8-12

Positive encouragement and silent appreciation for the most beautiful game in the world

HL Conveners, Coaches, & Parents

"The Week of Silence" is an opportunity for us all to reflect on the importance of supporting our children and ensuring our objective of "letting our kids have fun" is upheld. We would like to ask that everyone participate by merely watching the soccer games and let the kids take pleasure in the game. Communications from other associations that have integrated the "week of silence" into their programs have been very encouraging. We understand it may be difficult for parents to remember the silent part in the beginning, but we are sure we will all be pleased with the results, particularly the happy children.

Why are we doing this?

The purpose of this program is to allow our players to grow, not only as individuals, but also as a team.  Players will accomplish this through critical thinking and action without distraction or interference from the sidelines.



Guidelines for success:

Spectators are to be calm, talking only to others around them and refrain from giving instruction to the players. Please avoid speaking in tones that are loud enough to be heard by players, referees or opponents. Your encouragement should be limited to clapping.

Coaches, please be silent and "let the kids just play," providing quiet coaching instruction before or after the game and/or at half-time. Additional instruction may also be provided to players on the sideline before or after substitutions.

Coaches, remember the referee should only be addressed to request player substitutions.

And lastly,
When the games are finished ask for feedback. Did your kids enjoy the SILENT SOCCER? In addition, help them appreciate the positive aspects that this type of event can have.
We request that all age groups participate in SILENT SOCCER for all games during this week.