Doryan Bothelo, home town of Brazil and NMSC League 1 Ontario Player has been given an incredible opportunity to play in Europe.

He has been a huge asset to the team (coached by High Performance Coach Sam Medeiros) and has been given an opportunity to train at a professional club academies.  He will be departing for Italy next week!

There will be many scouting opportunities available to him, that will help lead him to fulfill his dreams of a successful futbol career. This chance to travel and play in Europe may also combine education with training as part of an overall development model.

As soccer nations, the US and Canada are still very young. With that, comes a lack of structure at the professional levels of the game, when compared to the more “mature” soccer nations of Europe.

There are fewer professional playing opportunities for the young North American players and a lack of clear pathways to play professionally. Major League Soccer (MLS) does provide some options for young players. With only 19 teams for all of the US and Canada, opportunities are limited.

If our young players are good enough and follow this process, opportunities can be created to play overseas. It is a very competitive environment in Europe.  Anything is possible and with hard work and dedication, it can be achieved!

“Hard work beats talent…especially when talent does not work hard”


The North Mississauga Soccer Club is very proud of Doryan Bothelo’s accomplishments!

All the best!